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Two Scribes

Our day started off in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. We had breakfast The Food of Love then walked to see where The Bard was born. A lot of the shops are plays on words of the works of Shakespeare, such as Much a Shoe About Nothing. We headed for the Avon and strolled around the Southern Stratford Canal. Then to the Bancroft Gardens to see the Gower Memorial. Had the MAD Museum tickets been cheaper we would have gone in as it has a lot to do with mechanical design.

We then drove to Chipping Campden and parked the car close to the Church. We walked through the Church and grounds, then wandered around the town, which is really worth a visit. We bought a pork pie to share and Fillet & Bone.

We stopped for lunch just outside Chipping Norton then drove into town and parked the car. It’s not nearly as pretty as other towns we have seen. But it had a pub with an interesting name so we popped in to Bitter & Twisted for half pints. We got caught in the rain but thankfully it did not last long, and the car was a close enough walk that we were not drenched.

The second scribe of the day was Jeremy Clarkson. We visited his farm shop at Diddly Squat Farm, so named as it makes diddly squat. I’m sure commercially he must be making money. But the farm shop did not have much in it, and the young man behind the counter really didn’t know much. But, I spent some money there to help Jeremy along his way…I do love his use of words though. You can buy cow juice and he makes a mockery of elf and safety.

From there we took long windy roads over some steep hills, past an amazing house in Brockhampton. We crossed the weak bridge at Barton where there is a 10T limit, unless you are a bus. Then you can weigh 13.5 tonnes.

We came back to the hotel, had coffee and relaxed before going to the pub for a drink. It had been our intention to have steak dinner at the hotel, but it was not as good as promised. Instead we drove to The Tavern in Broom and had one of the best meals we have ever had.


Published by Tandy | Lavender and Lime

I am passionate about using regional, seasonable and sustainable produce when I cook. I live in the picturesque fishing village of Gordons Bay with my husband and dogs. Dave and I visit new places on a regular basis to experience the food and culture of the area.

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