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Long windy roads

We headed South today for Minchinhampton where there was supposed to be a market. Sadly, it was not on, so we got breakfast (espressi and scones) at The Kitchen. The owner is a delightful woman and her South African husband is the chef.

From there we drove to Nailsworth which is a lovely town with plenty of shops. We ambled around and bought Scotch eggs and pork pies for lunch.

Then the long drive, navigating our way through Cheltenham which had the most amazing Cricket Club. Sadly no pictures as we were in lunch rush traffic. We stopped at Coaley Peak on the way there which looks like an amazing picnic spot. The rain however kept us in the car. Our lunch stop was in Selsley.

We then drove through small villages before stopping at a local farm shop where we did not find anything we wanted, and then stopped at The Pheasant Inn in Stanway for a half pint.

Then back to the hotel for coffee and relaxation / work. After a beer we went to The Frog in Bidford On Avon. Sadly, we were on table too late for fish and chips and our second choice didn’t meet expectations.

I would go back!

Published by Tandy | Lavender and Lime

I am passionate about using regional, seasonable and sustainable produce when I cook. I live in the picturesque fishing village of Gordons Bay with my husband and dogs. Dave and I visit new places on a regular basis to experience the food and culture of the area.

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