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Celebrating in Oxford

The entire reason for our trip was to celebrate my Aunt’s 80th birthday. After a very relaxing morning we got dressed up and headed to Oxford by bus.

Anne and I went for afternoon tea at The Grand Café which is the oldest coffee shop in England.

We then met the boys at the oldest pub. The Bear was founded in 1242. From there we went to The Head of the River before meeting Evie at The Folly. From there we went on a river cruise. It was Georgia’s first day as the skipper and she did a fantastic job.

Dave and Henry operated the lock and we did a quick turn around to get back in time for dinner. The meal was fantastic, and we were all defeated by the size of the portions with none of us having dessert. Stuart and Dave caught the bus home while the rest of us got a taxi. How blessed we are to have celebrated this ilestone as a family, albeit a year late.


Published by Tandy | Lavender and Lime

I am passionate about using regional, seasonable and sustainable produce when I cook. I live in the picturesque fishing village of Gordons Bay with my husband and dogs. Dave and I visit new places on a regular basis to experience the food and culture of the area.

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