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Abingdon to Gordons Bay

After breakfast on the patio I did as much packing as possible. We then went to Boars Hill for a walk before heading to the pub where we were having lunch. We parked at The Greyhound and took a stroll through the village before heading to our table. Evie joined us and we had anContinue reading “Abingdon to Gordons Bay”


Long windy roads

We headed South today for Minchinhampton where there was supposed to be a market. Sadly, it was not on, so we got breakfast (espressi and scones) at The Kitchen. The owner is a delightful woman and her South African husband is the chef. From there we drove to Nailsworth which is a lovely town withContinue reading “Long windy roads”

Two Scribes

Our day started off in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. We had breakfast The Food of Love then walked to see where The Bard was born. A lot of the shops are plays on words of the works of Shakespeare, such as Much a Shoe About Nothing. We headed for the Avon and strolledContinue reading “Two Scribes”